RIMSports 12 Pack of 9 Inch Plastic Baseball Training Balls - Multi Color Options, Hollow Design, Durable, Safe for Kids


High Quality Material: The training balls for baseball is made of soft plastic material, which won't hurt you or do damage to the floor; The lightweight design of the ball makes it easy to use without feeling too weighed down and carry anywhere.Multi Color Options: The baseball has three different colors that offer a wide array from which you can choose green, white, and yellow; It's completely safe to use and won't hurt or irritate, so it's perfect for one who's looking for fun activity.Pop Back Technology: The great thing about these baseball training balls is that they're made out of a material called squishy plastic, which means no more bent or damaged, so even when you hit them, they'll pop right back into their original shape.Safer: These training baseballs are soft and made of a durable substance that can be used without worrying about hurting anything; And this makes it safe for beginners to practice while still being satisfying on an advanced level player's palate.Perforated Design: These Practice perfect baseball has 46 hollow holes; This hollow design increases durability and performance of the baseball during training making it best baseball practice equipment for bowling and hitting practice.Customer Guarantee: We at RIMSports have taken great care to ensure that our products will suit our customers’ needs, and we stand behind this promise; If you have any issues or questions, please email us, and we will take care of you.Durable: The practice plastic ball is so durable that even during an intense game it won't get ripped or broken; The material used to make the ball has gone through many tests, and there are no harsh chemicals involved, making it safe for children.Versatile Use: Use training baseballs to play softball, baseball, golf balls, paddle games, catch, street hockey or other ball games, indoors or outdoors; Our plastic baseballs for kids can also be used as practice golf balls.Visible: The colorful practice baseballs come in vibrant colors to make them easier for you; The high visibility colored balls will help you track them more easily, and they're great for hand eye coordination exercises in a large grass field.Hollow Designs: These colorful hollow plastic balls are perfect for all your backyard games; They come 12 per pack and measure 9 Inches circumference, 2.8 inches in diameter with a lightweight design that makes them easy to use