One Tattoo World Transparent Tattoo Power Supply - Precision Control, Innovative Design, Adjustable Voltage with different lights, Dual Machine Compatibility, and Safety Features, OTW-PDCT-1


Innovative See-Through Design: Our power supply sets itself apart with a captivating see-through casing. Witness the magic of different LED colors as they illuminate, guiding you through precise voltage adjustments with an artistic flair..Customizable Voltage Control: Elevate your tattooing experience with a wide voltage range of 3~18V. The vivid LED lights not only indicate voltage levels but do so in a visually stunning manner, ensuring your machine performs exactly as you envision..Versatile Compatibility: This power supply is your artistic ally, capable of effortlessly connecting two tattoo machines, whether they're Coils, Rotating, or Pen Style Tattoo Machines. It adapts seamlessly to your ever-evolving creative needs..Safety and Reliability: Your safety is paramount. With built-in overcurrent and short-circuit protection circuits, you can tattoo with peace of mind. We go the extra mile by providing an extra fuse and spare wire link plug assembly for your convenience..Professional-Grade Performance: our power supply ensures consistent and efficient performance, allowing you to achieve remarkable results with every stroke.