Patch Kid Eye Patches/Adhesive Bandages for Kids (Girls and Boys), Size Medium (50 Patches in Each Box). Fun and Unique and fits Comfortably. Indicated for Medical use Such as Lazy Eye.


Blocks Out All Light! - Our patches have a blackout layer to block out light which is important for the efficacy of the treatment..Super Comfy For All Kids! - Designed with nasal slits for a better fit around the nose. This ensures optimal comfort..Premium Quality! Our patches are made from non-woven cotton adhesive bandages and are latex free! They allow the skin to breathe and is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin..No Tape Residue! - No one wants your child looking like a panda. Our patches don't leave any tape residue! Patch Kid Patches are very gentle on the skin but has long lasting adhesive..Fun, Cute and Playful Designs! - Our patch designs are hand sketched with kids in mind. 5 fun, cute and unique designs in each box of 50 individually wrapped sterile patches.



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