100 Pcs Coffee Stirrers,5.5Inch Natural Wooden Coffee Sticks,Use for Tea,Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks(Individually Wrapped)


1.The coffee stirrers rod is made of 100% safe birch wood, tasteless, and burr-free. It is specially designed for hot/cold beverages. It is more environmentally friendly than plastic stirring rods. It is individually packaged, clean and hygienic, and easy to carry..2.The coffee stirrers rod is suitable for many places such as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, households and offices. It is very suitable for stirring cold/hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, cocktails, hot chocolate, etc..3.The coffee stirrers rod length is 5.5inch, width 0.2inch, thickness 0.05inch.4.The product contains 100 individually packaged coffee stir bars..5.What you get: If you are not satisfied with JANEMO,we will provide your 100% service.



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