AKOAK Finger Cots Latex (Approx.100 Pcs) Orange Disposable Finger Covers Anti Static Rubber Fingertips Protective Medium Anti Finger Covers for Electronic Repair, Handmade, Industrial


Disposable finger protective cover is made of natural latex, light and comfortable, flexible and elastic, free to pull, no deformation or damage..Packing, containing 100 pieces.Single use, orange color.Durable and practical, you can protect your fingers during physical activities or other daily tasks..Size, medium.Flexible, compact and durable.Fits most finger sizes.It fits tightly around your fingers, allowing you to pick up or pinch small parts or objects at will..Easy to wear, light and thin, fit fingers. It can fully cover fingers and play a role in protecting fingers. It has a certain anti-skid effect..Perfect craft, industrial, laboratory or home essential tools.Widely used for DIY craft projects, painting, jewelry, sports, and painting and more.



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