Agoz Barcode Scanner Holster for Zebra TC75x, TC75, TC70x, TC70, TC72, TC77, M60, MC67 to fit with Handheld Grip, Rugged Carrying Case Pouch, Cover with Metal Clip & Belt Loops


MILITARY GRADE AGOZ Heavy Duty Rugged Vertical Canvas Scanner Holster with Belt Clip and Loops For Zebra TC70x, TC70, TC72, TC75x, TC75, TC77, M60, MC67 handheld barcode scanners. It is designed to fit with handheld grip..DOUBLE STITCHED two belt loops, vertical and horizontal ( To use vertically and horizontally)..STURDY METAL CLIP. It has a strong metal belt clip and two belt loops..EXCELLENT PROTECTION from the elements and protects your barcode scanner from dirt and scratches..EASY ACCESS. You can remove and place in your scanner with its handheld grip easily. Perfect design if you use your handheld barcode scanner frequently.



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