FZYEZY Freeze Dried Spinach Powder for Kids and Adults|Camping Vegan Healthy Powder|Survival Food|Travel friendly Freeze-Dried Spinach Powder |Pantry Groceries dehydrated Powder|1.76oz(50gm)


ABOUT THE PRODUCT This product is ready to eat readymade freeze-dried fruit powder made by advance vacuum freeze-drying technology which removes water from fruit making it dry. All natural fruit vitamins and minerals are maintained.. WHAT YOU GET Each pack offers 100% natural ready to eat freeze-dried fruit powder. The product is packed in a 3 layer food grade aluminium pouch.. HOW TO USE Start with adding little water or milk and gradually increase the liquid quantity. You can make milkshake, thick shake, smoothies or add it to your favorite ice-cream. You can eat it as a snack too.. WHO CAN EAT This readymade fruit powder is beneficial for kids, adults, aged people, office-goers. You can pack in school lunchbox or serve at school picnics, vacation tours, birthday celebrations, house party, kitty party, etc. Anyone can use anywhere, anytime and at any occasion as party snacks, food on the go or as convenience snacks.. HOW TO STORE Having a highly sustainable food life of +365 days you can easily store this ready to eat dried fruit powder for a longer time. There is no special storage requirement, just store at normal room temperature.



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