Plasma Cutter Consumables Non-Touch AG60 Torch Contact Tips 35 PCS Long-Term Plasma Accessories Red Copper Extended Long Tip Electrode Nozzles for AG-60/SG55/WSD60 Plasma Cutter Torch Pilot Arc


10pcs TIPS (Extended) /10 pcs ELECTRODE (Extended) /10 pcs SHIEDED-CUP/5 pcs GAS RING.Fit AG60 SG55 Plasma Cutting Torch.(length of the "extended" tip is 1.1 inch . Orifice diameter of the tips is 1.1mm)..Plasma Cutter Electrode Tips Nozzle Extended Shroud Shield Cup Kit,Plasma Tip Nozzle Electrode Extended Cutting Consumable.Our products are branded products. We specialize in mechanical products. Please feel free to buy..Nozzles and electrodes are made of high-quality copper material and galvanized processing.



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