ExionPro Broad Cutback Wave Shape Mono Crownpiece Designer Fancy Stitched Wave Crank Noseband & Browband Dressage Bridle with Web Reins & Hand Stoppers. | Dressage Bridles for Horses


BRIDLE TYPE: Dressage Bridle | CROWN PIECE: Cutback Ear Free Monocrown With Adjustable Throat Latch.BROWBAND & NOSEBAND: Soft Lined Designer Stitched Wave Anatomic Shape Brow & Dressage Noseband..REINS: Soft & Supple Web Reins With Stoppers & Quality Buckle. | LEATHER SHADES: Black & Brown..CHOICE OF LEATHER: Vegetable Tanned Leather/ European English Leather/ English Cow Leather..BRIDLE SIZE: Warmblood/Over, Standard/Full, Medium/Cob, Small/Pony Size Horse Bridle.



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