Choffy Brewed Cacao Coffee Alternative Substitute - 10 Oz Volta Medium Roast Flavor - Caffeine Free Brewed Cacao Ground Drinking for Lighter Chocolate Lovers, Healthy Rich Chocolate Drink, Nutrients for Mood & Energy


100% BREWED CHOCOLATE FROM WHOLE CACAO BEANS: This Volta Medium Roast Choffy has a wonderful flavor style of medium chocolate. This Choffy is rich, extra chocolaty, and one of our most desired flavors and coffee substitutes. Made from pure and unprocessed raw cacao beans in the form of brewed cacao, this coffee alternative is a clean mood enhancer and energy booster with less caffeine than coffee and a whole lot more nutrients, yet it brews just like traditional coffee..HEALTH BENEFITS of CHOCOLATE BREWED CACAO DRINK - Choffy ground cacao cofffe substitute provides nutritious boost of magnesium, enzymes, polyphenol antioxidants, and some of the highest concentrations of flavonoids in the world. Experience increased focus, reduced stress, more lean muscle mass, better blood pressure control, easier weight management, increased endorphins and serotonin, and quality sleep..HEALTHY STIMULANT WITHOUT CAFFEINE CRASH - Choffy contains theobromine which is a healthy vasodilator and provides energy boost without the crash, jitters or nervousness of caffeine. Anandamide is also included and naturally helps to create more serotonin which releases stress, improves mood and happiness! The epicatechin found in cacao helps promote growth of lean muscle mass and performance!.BREW WITH FRENCH PRESS, COFFEE MAKER or KEURIG - Our cacao medium roast chocolate brews just like traditional coffee—in a french press, drip coffee maker, pour over, percolator, Keurig, or any other brewing method you prefer. No special equipment is needed, just add 2 TBS of Choffy with 6 Oz of water to brew a cup of cacao coffee and add what you love, from your favorite creamer or sweetener to coconut milk, honey, or agave..KETO, WHOLE30, PALEO & VEGAN-FRIENDLY - Choffy is 100% pure ground cacao nibs which means it’s perfectly suitable for most diets and lifestyles. Not only does it have no sugar, no fat, and virtually no calories, it stimulates serotonin production which can suppress your appetite. Plus, its pH level is around 6.7 (7 is neutral) which means it’s easier to digest than coffee. Get ready to enjoy the incredible chocolate aroma and flavor of this gluten-free cacao drink.



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