Chanzon UL Listed Standard Blade Fuse Assortment Kit ATC ATO APR 50Pcs 10 Values 5 Each 2A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 30A 35A 40A Auto Fuses Assorted 32V 12V Car Truck RV Automotive Motor Boat


【UL Listed】 In Order To Protect your Vehicle and Electrical Devices From Overload and Short Circuit,Choose UL Listed with Thick End Caps and Accurate Current Rating.Unannounced Visits from UL Representatives to Ensure Highest Standards are Being 100% Maintained..【Easy Identification】Current (Ampere) Marked Clearly on Top of the Fuses,Each Ampere is Standard Color Coded Arranged Neatly in Box wih Detailed Diagram..【Right Quantity】50 pcs 10 Ratings (2 A 3 A 5 A 7.5 A 10 A 15 A 20 A 30 A 35 A 40 A) are Enough for Life Time Use,Spend Half of the Money Put an End to Waste..【Assortment Detail】ATO (open) Standard DC 32 V(12 V 24V) Blade Type Fuse,with Contact Material Open to the Atmosphere(ATO),Transparent Housing and Detectable Contactor on Top Make it Easy to Check Fuse Link and Quick Detection of a Blown Fuse,One Fuse Puller Included..【Compatible with】Most German/EU Cars,Electric Bicycle,Trucks,Motorcycle,RV,Camper,Headlamp Headlight,Vehicle,Lawn tractor,Fast Blo Fuse Replacement,DOT Requirement.



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