[2022 Upgraded] AURSINC NanoVNA-H4 V4.3 Vector Network Analyzer 10KHz-1.5GHz HF VHF UHF 4'' Portable Antenna Analyzer Measuring S Parameters, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, Phase, Delay, Smith Chart


✔️[2022 Upgraded Nanovna-H4 HW V4.3 ] Latest features: with latest HW 4.3 version, Nanovna-H4 is added a brand new panel plus added a new SD port for data storage(support up to 32GB memory card, not included in the package). The NanoVNA-H4 vector network analyzer is a Hugen Origin that provides perfect vector network measurement capabilities, tiny and handheld, stand-alone with 4-inch LCD display, portable with 1950mAh battery powered or USB powered.✔️[Improved Frequency Algorithm] The improved frequency algorithm of NanoVNA-H4 can use the odd harmonic extension of si5351 to support the measurement frequency up to 1.5GHz. The 50K-300MHz frequency range of the si5351 direct output provides better than 70dB dynamic, The extended 300M-900MHz band provides better than 60dB of dynamics, and the 900M-1.5GHz band is better than 40dB of dynamics;The metal shield is designed to reduce the external interference and improve the measurement accuracy.✔️[Antenna Performance Measurement] The default firmware main function for NanoVNA-H4 vector network analyzer is used for antenna performance measurement. The TX/RX method can measure the complete S11 and S21 parameters. If you need to obtain S12 and S22, you need to manually replace the transceiver port wiring.✔️[PC Control] Using PC software NanoVNASaver, NanoVNA-H4 antenna analyzer can connect to a NanoVNA and extracts the data for display on a computer, and for saving to Touchstone files. We can export Touchstone (snp) files for various radio design and simulation software through PC software.✔️ [What are Included?] NanoVNA-H4 host (with battery) x1, USB Type-C data cable x1, 30mm SMA male to male RG174 RF cable x2, SMA simple calibration kit x1, SMA female to female connector x1. NOTE: the Nanovna is only compatible with the low-speed and supports SPI mode SD cards for now.



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