4 Inch Contour Non-Woven Abrasive Flap Wheel Grit 320 Wire Drawing Polishing Burnishing Wheel for Paint Rust and Removal Bare Metal Surface (Grit 320)


Diameter: 100mm (4"); Height: 100mm (4") ; Aperture:3/4inch(19mm) ; Max Rpm 4000 ;Non-Woven Nylon/Aluminum Oxide Finishing Drum With Molded Abs Plastic Hub.Mainly used for the surface treatment of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal products.The utility model can rapidly grind, scratch and solder printing,and can effectively reduce the drawing line, and is convenient and quick to use, and the mirror effect can be achieved after polishing..The special needle is particularly good for stainless steel,aluminum, iron and other metal structure products polishing and wire drawing effect..Clear lines,High finish, good effect, strong cutting force, wear-resistant,long service life, durable.



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