NCIS 2023 Gibbs' Rules 8x12 Heavy-duty Aluminum Sign (All 38 rules) [GRV]


Leroy Jethro Gibbs' final season of NCIS brought a wonderful surprise for fans: the revelation of one final "farewell" Gibbs' Rule! This is the only complete and fully accurate listing of all 38 rules, including the double #1 and #3 rules. Does not include the "fake" McGee and DiNozzo rules, Gibbs never said those!.The UV-resistant coating and rust-proof aluminum construction make this sign suitable for both indoor and outdoor use..The flat back allows mounting with double-sided tape, Command Strips, etc. Or use screws with the convenient pre-drilled mounting holes (stainless steel or other rust-proof screws recommended when mounted outdoors)..This is NOT a vinyl decal or silkscreen. We use extremely high heat and pressure to embed ink directly into the surface of the sign.



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