Aqua Elegante Shower Water Filter For Showerhead - Universal Shower Head Filters To Remove Chlorine & Hard Minerals - Bath Purifier And Filtered Softener System Best With Activated Charcoal - Chrome


💦 Unlike Other Shower Filters That use cheap filler material with little benefits, the Aqua Elegante Shower Fliter only uses Ingredients Proven to Remove Harmful Chemicals. We combine kinetic redox material, calcium sulfite, and activated carbon into a unique blend that specializes in removing free chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxic yuck in your water supply. Don't be fooled by "extra stages" of cheap filler in other showers filters..💦 Rejuvenate Your Skin, Hair, & Nails by purifying chlorinated or heavy metal water that can cause itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, and brittle nails. We engineered our FIlter Cartridges to be 40% Bigger than most showerhead filters. What this means is that you can enjoy our filter for longer than with similar filters. What this really means to you is more time loving your Healthy, Strong Hair and keeping your Skin Feeling Fresh & Not Dry..💦 Avoid Shower Filters That Make False Claims about lowering total dissolved solids (Tds) or softening water. These filters use chemical filtration, which will not lower Tds. To lower Tds, you need an osmotic or solid block filter for the whole house. (These are not practical for just a bathroom shower tap.) Small shower filters are also not a substitute for 20+ gallon hardwater softeners. Shower filters are best for Removal of Harmful Chemicals like Free Chlorine..💦 Our Mission Is To have You enjoy a cleaner shower right away. That is why we made our premium shower filter Super Easy To Install, and we designed the fitting to work with All Shower Types - including fixed, rain, and handheld. We have clear, Step-By-Step Instructions With Pictures to guide you through the 2-minute installation. No plumbers required. We also include a Free Roll of High-Quality Teflon Tape, saving you time and discomfort during set-up..💦 We Believe a Shower FIlter Should deliver on the promises it makes. Our luxury dechlorinating showerfilter is deliver results and leaves you feeling 100% thrilled with your healthier skin, hair, and nails. We are real people who use our own products every day. We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours.



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