Indian Milk & Honey Classic Ghee Butter - Grass-Fed - 7.2 oz - Handmade & Locally Sourced - Lactose, Gluten & Casein Free - Ghee in Recyclable PET Jars


Rich Source of Vitamins: Indulge in Indian Milk & Honey's grass-fed Ghee, a nutrient powerhouse packed with vitamins and minerals. Our carefully curated ghee butter preserves essential vitamins A, D, E, and K, offering you excellent health and a natural glow from within..Super Saver & Diet-Friendly: Unlock everyday savings with our double pack bulk ghee, sourced straight from lush family farms. Whether you follow a keto, paleo, or any other diet, our ghee butter is a classic addition, conveniently fitting into your lifestyle. Plus, it's lactose and casein-free, making it the perfect diet buddy..100% BPA-Free Recycle Jar: Experience eco-friendly packaging as our grass-fed ghee butter arrives at your doorstep in a BPA-free jar, ensuring freshness while caring for the environment..Locally Sourced & Traditionally Prepared: Indian Milk & Honey is proud to be a Women, Diversity, and Minority-owned business. Our ghee butter is prepared using natural and traditional methods, retaining essential properties at every step. With every scoop, we guarantee a lasting impression..Healthy Alternative & Versatile: Replace everyday oils 1:1 with our Ghee. Its high smoke point of 450 degrees makes it ideal for cooking and frying. Celebrated for its taste, finesse, nutritional benefits, and medicinal qualities, our grass-fed ghee butter is a premium cooking oil. Try our Seasoning Ghee for an added burst of flavor!.Helpful Note: Ghee may undergo liquefaction or solidification during shipping. Simply leave it at room temperature overnight to restore it to its normal state.



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