Patient Aid Padded Toileting Sling (PA122XL), with Lower Back Support and Lifting Straps for Moving Patients to and from Commodes and Toilets, Extra Large 40" x 38" Lift Sling Can Hoist 310 to 450 lbs


Position Quickly. Place the lifting sling behind the seated patient, with the smooth side against their body. Ensure the front, back, and leg straps are positioned well, and the belt securely clasped.Latch Securely. Four color coded straps allow caregivers to lift patients in various angles of recline. Test if all the lifting straps are securely placed before lifting and moving the patient fully.Lift Comfortably. The transfer sling has a polyester fabric that is gentle on the skin and comfy through continuous use. Padding located under the arms and across the lower back gives ample support.Use Conveniently. This full body sling is ideal for toileting and personal hygiene tasks, like changing an incontinence pad. The adaptive sling is safe and easy to wash and dry, bring around and store.Brand Compatibility. Our toileting sling has color-coded hook points that latch onto a medical lift's spreader bar. Works with lifts by Drive (R), Hoyer (R), Invacare (R), Lumex (R), and Medline (R)