Detail King Car Interior Extractor Soap - Auto Fabric Cleaner - 32 Oz


Lift away stains that have become engrained in your fabric. What’s more annoying than a stain that just won’t go away? This car carpet shampoo penetrates fabric and carpet so that it gets a deep, thorough cleaning. Lift nasty stains such as ketchup, coffee, mud, and oil..Optical brighteners restore brilliance to treated surfaces. This car seat cleaner doesn’t just clean, it brightens the color of fabrics and carpets. Well-worn areas such as seats and floor carpets lose their brand-new look quickly. Use this product to add life and vibrancy to interior materials..Works great with any type of extractor tool. The Extractor Soap is compatible with any extractor and will not leave behind a chalky residue in the tank. It is low-foaming, high pH, and super concentrated so that a little bit goes a long way..Effective to use by hand as a scrubbing shampoo. If you don’t have an extractor, or just want to do a quick spot cleaning, you can spray and scrub the Extractor Soap with a brush. It smells great and is easy to work with!.Will not leave fabric fibers stiff. Some fabric and carpet cleaners cause fibers to become rigid after cleaning. The Extractor Soap leaves fabric and carpet soft, plush, and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.



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