Plotter Art™ Seamless Texture Tiles Volume Three, 600 High Resolution Images on DVD-ROM with 51 Page PDF User Guide & Image Gallery - Standard Royalty Free License


Plotter Art Seamless Texture Tiles Volume Three includes 600 beautiful, highly detailed high resolution images on DVD-ROM. Standard royalty free license..Seamless Texture Tiles are like wallpaper on steroids. Each measures 3,600 x 3,600 pixels and can be used to create larger backgrounds or fills with no loss of quality by repeating them side by side and touching..Tiles are highly detailed images with extensive use of dimensional effects for striking, eye-catching fills or backgrounds in wraps, vehicle graphics, signs, banners and other large designs..Tiles are easily added as patterns for more automated use in Adobe PhotoShop, FlexiSign, CorelDRAW and many other graphic and image creation programs. 51 page full color User Guide and Image Catalog makes finding the right image easy..Special Sale Price Ends March 5, 2022



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