COPOZZ G2 Ski Goggles Lenses,Magnetic Snowboard Goggles Lenses,Imported Double-Layer Anti Fog Lens -UV400 Lenses Only (G2 Silver Lens Only-VLT 12%)


Copozz G2 Silver Lens ONLY, G2 Ski Goggles is NOT included, ONLY suitable for G2 ski goggles , NOT for COPOZZ MX ski goggles..Can block the strong wind, snow grains and a variety of light to prevent UV on the eye burns..Prevent cold stimulation of the eyes, VLT(luminousness):12%; Suitable conditions: Sunny day, bright day..Skiing, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycle wind protection and other outdoor sports use, wind, anti-UV, anti-dust..Replacement Lens Silver for Ski Snow Snowboarding Skiing Goggles (VLT 12%).



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