Get Well Gift Plant - TickleMe Plant Gift Box Set - Grow The Plant That Closes its Leaves When You Tickle It or Blow it a Kiss. It Also Grows Pink Cotton Candy Like Flowers. Sure to Make Them Smile.


SEE VIDEO ON THE LEFT of a LIVE TickleMe Plant then start to grow your own! Say, "I'M TICKLED TO SHARE THIS GET WELL GIFT WITH YOU!.EASY TO GROW TIckleMe Plant Get Well Soon Gift Box Package - Contains everything needed to grow the GET WELL Plant that makes you SMILE when you Tickle it!.DISCOVER THIS FUN AND INTERACTIVE plant and enjoy its responses to your affection. The TickleMe Plant folds its leaves and drops its branches when tickled or when you blow it a kiss! PLANT NOT INCLUDED.BEAUTIFUL BLOSSOMS the TickleMe Plant Gift Box Kit produces lovely pinkish flowers. Great Get Well gift for a Dad or Mom after surgery.STRESS RELIEF: Touching the leaves can be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity. The plant's response to touch is soothing and can be a great way to relieve anxiety or stress..GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO CUT FLOWERS! Our Fresh Seed are Guaranteed to Grow and the plant will MOVE When TICKLED! Can be grow indoors even in Winter. ORDER NOW!



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