Deluxe Bed Alarm System with Long Term Sensor Pad (20" x 30" pad)


Caregiver alarms offer an efficient method of monitoring if a patient is getting up. -This package includes an Alarm Monitor and Bed Pad with 1 year manufacturer's warranty..Alarm monitor features an easy to press reset button, volume control, tone and delay options, safety features such as a low battery indicator and "pad (signal) lost" indicator, as well as a patented tamper-proof feature called Caregiver Key mode, which allows only the caregiver to reset the alarm..Customize your package - choose from two different bed pad sizes*. Bed pad sizes: 10" x 30" (for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or MORE) or 20" x 30" (for a patient weighing LESS than 120 lbs)..Soft vinyl, incontinence resistant pad, made with foam for comfort, is designed to be placed underneath a fitted sheet. Can also be placed underneath a mattress pad. Comes with a breakaway safety cord, which can be replaced if damaged, saving you from having to replace the entire pad..Includes AC adapter (connects to alarm monitor). Can also be powered with 3 AA batteries (not included).



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