Pennsylvania Real Estate Agent Exam Prep


232 Real Estate Vocabulary Questions - Covers key vocabulary across the real estate business. In many cases, people struggle to articulate definitions even if generally they know what they mean. This is a major barrier on tough exams and this app will help with that..200 General Real Estate questions that develop your knowledge of key real estate concepts and national law..214 Pennsylvania Specific Questions - Focus on key areas of content for the Pennsylvania sales person / real estate agent exam..This app addresses nearly all topics on the exam, including:.Legal Aspects.Encumbrances.Real Estate Law.Financing Escrow.Contracts.Taxation.Subdivision.Business Opportunities.Land Descriptions.Appraisal.Vocabulary / Definitions.Modes.Study Mode: Go through our premium curriculum question by question. You can resume where you left off using the Review Screen..Review mode: Keeps track of questions you reviewed and understood. This allows you to track your progress and circle back to specific questions. You can also jump to specific topics to focus on areas that you want to work on..Test Mode: Set your own time, categories and number of questions for a simulated exam.



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