Pecorino Oro Antico Riserva Italian Cheese - Whole Wheel (4 pound) - with delicate force, imparting overtures of wild herbs and delicious lemongrass


Cut and wrapped by the hands of our cheese experts. Ships expedited in an insulated package to ensure freshness.Each Oro Antico Riserva is handmade by the master cheese-maker at Il Forteto by taking a select young, delicious, authentic Pecorino Toscano, burnishing it with olive oil, and aging it in a stone cellar for six months.During aging, more olive oil is applied to the rind as the cheese gets harder and tangier. Finally, each cheese is given a seal of red wax to indicate its special heritage..Oro Antico Riserva has a grainy texture due to the aging process, whereby most traces of moisture escape from within the cheese. Made from 100% ewe's milk, the flavor is delivered to the back of your tongue with delicate force, imparting overtures of wild herbs and lemongrass..Because sheep's milk contains a very high percentage of butterfat, Pecorinos are very flavorful but have a tendency to "cry" when they reach room temperature.



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