LP1 Electronic Water Descaler and Softener Alternative - Perfect for Whole House - Easy to Install - Removes and Prevents Limescale


HOW IT WORKS: The LP1 works by inducing electromagnetic signals into the water, signals that quickly and efficiently breakdown existing limescale and prevent it from forming in the future. This leaves your pipes scale free, and your water great tasting and ready to drink..EASY INSTALLATION: No plumbing skills required! Simply wrap the coils around your cold water pipe (at least 10 aerial turns) and plug the USB into 1amp power adapter delivering 5 volts (phone charger). For best results the system should be located close to the rising main to treat as much of your water system as possible..BENEFITS OF LP1: It stops limescale build-up in home appliances, extending their life. Helps make the water softer, which will lead to softer and smoother skin as well as softer and silkier hair. Your hot water pressure will increase without the use of chemicals. It's also guaranteed to work and guaranteed to last..A UNIVERSAL PRODUCT: While it’s produced in the U.K. the Little Plumber is perfect for homes all around the world. Our products are universal, being powered by a USB plug, meaning it’s perfect for any home regardless of where you live..1 YEAR MONEY BACK GURANTEE: We are so confident in our product, that if you aren’t happy within 1 year, you are entitled to a full refund.



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