2023 South Dakota State & Federal Labor Law Poster - OSHA Workplace Compliant & Required - Current with Mandatory Updates for 2023 - UV Laminated & Waterproof - 25" x 39" (English)


100% COMPLIANT IN SD: With all current 2023 updates, rest assured your business is following both state and federal OSHA requirements. With our industry-leading diligence, in the past two decades we have NEVER incurred a labor law poster violation..ALL YOU NEED: Our comprehensive 25 x 39 inch poster includes all required 2023 State, Federal & OSHA notices. Printed in color and laminated with UV protectant to avoid fading. Perfect for offices, job site trailers, restaurants, factories and more..REQUIRED BY LAW: All US businesses must display a current labor law poster in an area visible to all workers. Failure to comply with posting regulations can result in unwanted fines, lawsuits, and penalties. Eliminate that risk and order today..ENGLISH & SPANISH: The current standard doesn't require the notice to be posted in a foreign language (e.g. in Spanish), but OSHA does encourage employers with Spanish-speaking workers to post an additional notice in Spanish. Buy our Bundle and save..MADE IN THE USA: A better option than digital or printable signage, Labor Law Center prints professional-grade large posters in California and ship quickly to your door. We stand by the quality of our products with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.



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