Feather Plier Hair Razor Blades 20 Count


No Guard Razor Blade; Uniquely Designed Replacement Razor Blade; No Guard To Support The Most Experienced Razor Cutters Freedom; Advanced Hair Cutting Blade For Professionals And Advanced Stylists.Straight Hair Razor Blade Refills; Includes One Cartridge Of Twenty Straight Hair Razor Blades; Twenty Blades Total; Specifically Crafted To Fit Plier Hair Cutting Razors.Stainless Steel; Plier Hair Razor Blade Is Fifty Seven Point Seven Millimeters Long; Stands Nine Point One Millimeters Tall.Sanitary Insertion And Disposal; Used For Both Storage And Disposal Of Blades; Blade Design Locks Into The Handle With A Unique Curvature; Acts As One Piece To Give A High Quality Feel And Performance.Versatility; Work With A Hair Straight Razor That Does Not Have A Guard; Professionals Use This Straight Razor And Blade For Hair Cutting Or Styling



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