Endive - Red Treviso - 4 Oz ~102,000 Seeds - Garden Vegetable - Non-GMO, Heirloom
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Red Treviso chicory originates from Treviso, Italy. Leaves are green in the summer and gain dark red color in cool weather. Leaves are typically red with white stripes and stems when they are harvested. They do best when planted to be harvested in fall or winter, as they prefer cooler weather. Can have multiple harvests into late fall and early winter. Seeds can be sown indoors or directly. Baby leaves can be harvested as the outer leaves open. Outer leaves are typically ready for harvest after 70-100 days depending on environmental conditions. Harvest heads when they are fully firm by cutting them 1-2” above the soil. Leave the plants roots for regrowth. Leaves have a tart and bitter taste that can be used cooked, raw, or dried and mixed with coffee.


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