Handicaptive - by Jeffrey C Brown (Hardcover)
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Book Synopsis Marc grew up with a hate of disabled parking privilege cheaters. Read and see how he dealt with them. There is intrigue and romance, sadness, and happiness. Most people who read this book will look at those who park in disabled parking spots differently, if they don't already. About the Author Jeffrey has had a love for the written word since he was a small boy. His letters and essays were always met with joy and adulation for his style and significance. His greatest hope for accomplishment is to write edge-of-the-seat action thrillers and make them into movies. He lives in near the Jersey shore with his loving, his dog, and lovely wife Adrienne, an RN specializing in cardiology. Brown believes his wife takes care of his heart in oh, so many ways. Jeffrey loves to answer arguments with his adoring and adorable wife using written notes that melt her heart. This is his debut novel.



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