The ABC's of How You Had Me - by Vanessa E Hunt (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis The ABC's of How You Had Me is a companion series of books that explore donor conception and the role of assisted reproduction in your family's birth story. It's A Mommy And Me Story recognizes the single-mother-by-choice birth story in how a single-mother-by-choice decides to have a family and needs the help of a donor. In addition to the principal family-building themes, space exploration is gently introduced as a sub-theme to inspire curiosity for science, engineering, and space exploration. The ABC's of How You Had Me takes place in the near future as a nod to the ever-growing need for assisted reproduction. Meet Emeline! She is a resident on the planet Mars and has decided that it is time for her to start her own family. In order for Emeline to have a family, she meets a doctor on Mars who is able to help her. Emeline bes a single mother by choice with the help of the doctor and a donor. It's never a dull moment for Emeline or her baby because there are so many other families raising their children on Mars too!



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