Tales From the Tank: Season 1 Episode 1 - Audiobook, by Porsche Ray
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Teensie has just been struck by lightning and is hearing a strange voice! Join him as he learns about his new-found power and imagines the things he can accomplish with it!A message from Teensie:Being in a tank has its advantages. Primarily, people forget that Im there. I mean, lets be realistic for a moment, even when they do remember Im around, they dont see me as a threat.Im just a harmless goldfish.But thats not my full story. See, Im more than just a goldfish. I can talk - and the people I talk to can understand me.I live with an amazing family, Melinda and her father, who are doing everything they can do to keep me safe and give me the life I dream about.Melinda has her books, and I have mine. This is my side of the story. In Tales From the Tank youll hear about what actually goes on in the Longers home, and out in the community!Come with me, and let me take you underwater to experience the adventure my way!From Porsche Ray:This short story is Season 1: Episode 1 of Tales From the Tank - short stories that take place within the full-size novels. Season 1 matches up with Book 1 of the MELINDA series, Melinda and Her Father Go Scuba Diving.These stories contain bonus content NOT included in the novels, but the storyline does run parallel to what you will see in the larger books.Like all books in the MELINDA series, the content is safe, fun, and absolutely age-appropriate.



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