Rescuing Your Teenager from Depression - Audiobook, by Norman T. Berlinger M.D., Ph.D.
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One in eight high school students is depressed. But depression in teenagers can be deceptive, and authorities estimate that a huge number of depressed teens are undiagnosed. Adults may mistake symptoms as "typical" teen angst, anger, or anxiety.For parents who suspect their teen is depressed, the system often fails the family. Insurance coverage for treatment ends too soon, there's a months-long wait to see an adolescent therapist, or long-term follow-up is insufficient.Although a medical doctor, Dr. Berlinger initially missed the signs of his own son's depression. Now he shares his Ten Parental Partnering Strategies to help parents rescue their teen from depression-based on his own experiences, nearly 100 interviews with parents of depressed teens, and interviews with mental health professionals.Parents can use Dr. Berlinger's strategies to help distinguish depression from moodiness; be alert to suicide risk; monitor medication effectiveness; help the teen combat negative thinking; organize activities to offset depression; and spot signs of relapse during tense times in their child's life, including exams, relationship breakups, or starting college or a job.



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