Home Sweet Tiny Home - Audiobook, by Melody A. Carlson
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Kate Burrows has a life many would envya good job at a design firm, a huge house, beautiful memories of the late husband who gave her everything, and two grown kids doing well for themselves. But its all begun to ring hollow as she wanders around a house thats too big for her. So when she gets caught up in binge watching a show all about tiny homes, something clickssomething that soon has Kate embarking on a whole new life.Though some people call her crazy, she decides to quit her job and relocate to the small tourist town she and her husband always wanted to retire to, and to buy a tiny home of her own. The Lord seems to be paving the way, and she soon meets just the person she needs to help her get her dream goingand even growing! Hank Branson, architect and gentleman farmer, is quick to jump on board her dream to parcel some land off for tiny homes, and soon they have a community in the works.But is Kate in over her head? How can she possibly uproot her whole life and chase dreams long dormant? Can Hank and his beautiful farm be as perfect as they seem? And what about their competitionthe gregarious, confident Glen who wont take no for an answer? Kate may be moving into a tiny house but it soon becomes clear shes in for a big adventure.



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