Raven Reins: Behind the scenes in the world of horse training stables Connie Raun Foss Author
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Gil wants to train horses, not follow his parents' decree that he do what they think his college education prepared him for.He starts as a stall cleaner, and as things evolve, he learns that a training stable is like every other industry man has created, full of both good and bad people.Moving up the training ladder, he also learns that if it weren't for their owners, training horses would be pure joy. The stallion Sir Raven and Gill become an item in each other's life. Raven's trick of swiping Gil's cap and dunking it in the water bucket is the forerunner of tricks Raven learns to do, even throwing in a couple during a championship victory lap.Unfolding are stories of breeding syndicates, embryo-transfers, smuggled horses, a much-loved veterinarian and the ever-present dog, Boo.Gill learns that there is never a dull moment in the life of a horse trainer. Just reading about it is exciting in itself.My hope is that you wallow in every page as Gill's story unfolds.


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