Life On The Autism Spectrum: Autism Is An Identity, Not A Disease: Autism Independent Living Skills Petra Vondoloski Author
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Most people think of autism as a disease, a major impediment of which an increasing number of children are victims. But over the past two decades, a growing number of adults on the autism spectrum, myself included, have rejected this frame and called for non-autistic neurotypicals to respect and accommodate neurodiversity. We believe that autism is a natural and in many ways desirable variation in how people think, not a great evil to be stamped out. The author delivers his insights and wisdom gleaned from a life on the spectrum. He presents an argument that Asperger's and autism are not a disease to be cured but the next step in human evolution. He offers a humorous look at how normal people could benefit from life more autistic.Everything from why texting is the best form of communication, to why you should never let different foods touch, to the beauty of mathematics, to why we should get rid of clothing tags, to the important life lessons one can learn from Jurassic Park, This book will point out...well...why you're wrong.But most importantly it will show you how you can be right - just like an Aspie.


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