IQ Test Prep Revolution: 3900 Solved Exercises, Problems, and Puzzles to help you with Standardized Tests of your Intelligence Eulalia Jenkins Author
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IQ Tests can be Prepared ForStandardized tests of intelligence are an important component of recruiting for skill based roles across industries and functions.Tests related to intelligence are also used for internship selection purposes, and at school levels, to prepare children for the professional world ahead of them.Intelligence tests are also the doorway to recreation. Staying alert and mentally agile is very important to keep the mind working at optimal levels; this can stave off symptoms of ageing, and is an important contributor to physical and mental health in the long term.In short, the IQ tests in this book, and in this series will benefit you both professionally and personally, and will help you exercise your brain repeatedly till your pattern recognition skills are at the highest level possible, till your mind is rapier sharp, and works like a well-oiled machine.There are three main types of intelligence tests that this book will train you for. I have made sure to provide a good mix of training for both numerical and verbal skills, so that there is something in this book for every reader:-- Number Sequences: There is an almost infinite number of different sequence puzzles that you might come across in a regular intelligence test, but 90% of them fall into 5-10 common buckets. This book breaks down the most important types of numerical sequence tests, so that you can solve most of your IQ puzzles quickly, and spend time on only the ones that are unique, and that involve extensive lateral thinking.-- Word Guess Riddles: Information processing and lateral thinking are both important components of your success on any modern IQ test. This format really drills you in both these; I start with expecting you to guess one simple word, but I give you so much information that you will need to sift through the essential data and the non-essential data, and pick out only that which you need to solve the problem. Add a ticking clock to this, and it is definitely one of the more challenging brain teaser exercises on any IQ test-- Objects and Prices: All IQ tests have a real world component to them, and this is no exception.Once you finish solving the problems in this book, you will be able to see the increase in your problem solving ability, and your brain would have experienced a thorough workout.Best of luck!


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