Guide To History's Worst Dictators: From Emperor Nero To Vlad the Impaler And More: Nero Accomplishments Lesley Peake Author
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If you're into history and dont know much about the dictators in the book, it's a great read. It was very easy to understand and gave good background information.This exciting new book from historian looks at the lives and times of the worst dictators in history. You will learn about their reigns and violent actions, such as...- Emperor Nero's murder of family members, suspected arson of Rome, and widespread execution of religious minorities, which caused many early Christians to believe that he was the Antichrist- Herod the Great's use of crowd slaughter, family killings, and even infanticide to hold on to his rule- Genghis Khan's military conquests that killed tens of millions and caused millions more to flee their homes in fear, resulting in forests reclaiming abandoned farmland and carbon levels plummeting, actually creating man-made global cooling- Vlad the Impaler (also known as Vlad Dracul, the namesake of the vampire) and his use of impalement to kill more than 20,000 victims, even causing a superior army turn around and avoid fighting him when they witnessed his carnage.


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