KETO FOR WOMAN OVER 50: Healthy, Weight Loss and Complete Guide on Ketogenic Diet for Woman over 50 Emily Smith Author
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What makes the keto diet so powerful? It transforms the body metabolically. At the heart of the keto diet, you limit your intake of carbohydrates to the point where you trigger ketosis - a state where your body burns fat instead of sugar for fuel. The diet also reverses a slowing metabolism, making it up to 10 times faster, say researchers at Bethel University in Minnesota. Metabolism is determined by muscle tissue. And studies at the University of Southern California show that women lose about one percent of their muscle tissue each year after the age of 30, and the process accelerates as we get older - in fact, by age 60, most women have lost 20 percent of their total muscle mass. So as we lose lean muscle mass, metabolism naturally slows. But the protein and healthy fats included in the keto diet actually combat this natural decline, helping to preserve metabolism-revving muscle, even as excess fat melts away. As a result, you won't experience slimming slowdowns as the weight comes off.So What are you waiting for?Scroll up, click the ''buy button now''


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