The Dogecoin Standard: The Case for Dogecoin and Against Fiat Currencies Sebastian Walden Author
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Over the past decade, many crypto enthusiasts have made the case for Bitcoin replacing the U.S. dollar, but in recent years that narrative has shifted. Slow transactions with high fees, high volatility, and hoarding have kept Bitcoin from becoming a usable currency, and instead, it is now seen as an investment asset, the new gold. Dogecoin is a fun, friendly, and open-sourced cryptocurrency, created in 2013 as a parody of Bitcoin. Since fate loves irony, Dogecoin might now have the best chance at becoming what Bitcoin was set to be. Dogecoin has the characteristics of any good currency. It supports very fast transactions at very low fees, has a decreasing inflation rate, is completely decentralized, and has a great community behind it. In this book, the case is made for the inevitable global adoption of the Dogecoin Standard. This would free the economy from many of the consequences of monetary manipulation by governments and set the ground for a happier, friendlier, and more democratic future.


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