Everything About The Oil Of Ugandan: Current Oil Issues And Things Happening To The Price Of Oil: Books On Natural Gas Leandro Ganns Author
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From 2006 onward, a series of oil discoveries put Uganda on the global energy map. These were the largest onshore oil finds in sub-Saharan Africa in over two decades, and part of an oil and gas surge in East Africa and a wider energy boom on the continent. But almost immediately after the discovery of oil, a series of regulatory disputes between the Ugandan government and international oil companies delayed development and production.In this Oil Industry book, you will discover:- Introduction- Interview- Process of crude oil production- Oil extraction process- Crude oil exploration storage and distribution- Managing oil risks Oil and the stock market- Has oil reached its peak?- Natural gas for electricity- Use of petroleum by-products- Dangers of fracking- Dangers of gushing oil fires- And so much more!Get your copy today!


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