Elijah's Magical Journey: The Story of Elijah Foreman James Paddock Author
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Somewhere down south in the heart of slave country where plantations sprinkle the landscape like dandelions on a summer's day is where this tale begins. Despite the rules stacked against them, Big Jim's slaves, Mary and Jerome, fall in love. It is from that love that Elijah is born and for more than a decade, all is right with the world of the Foreman family until one night there comes the White Riders who snatch Mary and Jerome away. It is a sad time for Elijah and his Grandma Polly until she, too, is gone, taken by a sickness. When the White Riders come after him as well, he escapes into an adventure like nothing you've ever seen. With a flying horse named Whisper and a faithful dog named Galileo, Elijah turns his adventure into a search for his parents. Hold onto your seats as you meet the famous Harriet (Moses) Tubman, a dragon by the name of Shenlong, Blind Lemon, General Kirby-Smith, the Cleopatra of the Secession, Yellow Jack, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Deadwood Dick, Pistol Pete, Tsohanoai, and the Sun God Apollo, along with many more unique and memorable historical characters.


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