What's the Best Little Trivia Book? Volume 3: 1,000 Questions About Anything and Everything David Fickes Author
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While this book is small in size, it is big on questions; it has 1,000 questions about anything and everything packed into a compact format that you can keep anywhere - coffee table, handbag, briefcase, car, bathroom, vacation home, wherever you might want a little entertainment and education. It makes the perfect inexpensive gift for trivia buffs, inquisitive minds, or anyone who just wants to be entertained while learning a little.It is formatted with 25 questions per page with the answers on the backside of the page, so it is easy to quiz yourself or others without seeing the answers first; yet, the answers are readily accessible by just flipping the page, and additional details are frequently included to expand on the basic answer and add even more to your knowledge.The questions cover anything and everything including animals, arts, geography, history, literature, movies, sports, television, and more. For example:Where is the lowest dry land point in the world?What is the only female animal that has antlers?What is the oldest city in the United States?Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain on what continent?What is the heaviest naturally occurring element?What is the only U.S. state with the same name as a country?What two U.S. states share the longest border?What university originated the football huddle?What is the oldest national capital city in the Americas?What is the highest waterfall in the world?What film is based on the Stephen King novella The Body?By area, what is the largest landlocked country?The Easter lily is a native plant of what country?What is the only letter that doesn't appear in any U.S. state name?In a game of horseshoes, how many feet apart are the stakes?What is the only animal born with horns?Who is generally credited with first saying, When in doubt tell the truth?In The Jungle Book, what is the name of the boy?What was the number-one U.S. box office film released in the 1980s?George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were all avid collectors and players of what game?Who holds the NBA record for the fewest games needed to reach 20,000 points?What is the point in the moon's orbit that is farthest from the earth called?What was Rembrandt's last name?Who was the heaviest U.S. president?What famous battle took place from July 1 to July 3, 1863?What is the only Best Picture Oscar winner without any female speaking roles?By area, what is the largest country with no natural rivers?Silkworms live on a diet of leaves from only what plant?What athlete has appeared on the Wheaties box the most?What is the tallest bird in North America?What is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere?Who was the first coach with four Super Bowl wins?What is the offspring of a cob and a pen?What U.S. state capital is named after a famous German statesman?What fictional detective retired to become a beekeeper?What number on the Richter scale does an earthquake have to reach to be considered major?Who wrote the poem The Road Not Taken?What northern state capital is on the Mississippi River?What U.S. president was shot at twice at point-blank range but survived because both guns misfired?What classical composer wrote numerous letters and an entire song focused on poop?This is book 12 of the What's the Best Trivia? series; look for other books in the series covering a variety of trivia topics.


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