How To Survive The Office: The ultimate guide Jeremy Young Author
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Most of us will make a radical career change before we reach 40 years of age due to office politics. The office politics feels like an anxiety pandemic spanning workplaces all over the world. To survive this pandemic, we must start by understanding and accepting the dynamics of office life as it really is and then create our path towards a well-disposed future. Wherever you could be on this journey, you will benefit from this book.I worked for numerous public, private, family-owned American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian businesses across many different countries for more than 20 years. I have seen the insides of more offices than I prefer to count. The similarities of office life all over the world are striking. The problems experienced by junior associates, executive staff, and C.E.O.s, though at different levels of complexity, are remarkably alike. Equally similar are the promoted solutions in M.B.A. degrees and business books that do not solve office staff's everyday problems. Why? Because they ignore the core office reality and paint a picture of a non-existent fairy tale. There is still much drama in the workplace. Most, if not all, can be avoided. Read How to Survive the Office to craft your way out of the office. Contribute your office stories to to help heal the office life.


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