Broken Revelations: Brides of War albert scott Author
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Heaven has fallen, Hell has risen, pagan gods are roaming the earth and there is no going back .As Adrian tries to adjust to life in the new world that The Awakening has brought but there is more to being one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse than what he thought it would be. Especially when the draconian ruler known as the Dominess gives him and the other ultimatum: stop the Angels, Demons and Fallen factions from destroying the city in their endless feud or face annihilation in a war against her and her forces and the only way the factions would agree to the truce is if he marries a Angel and a Demon as well as the other Nephal and if that wasn't enough on his plate he has to deal with he has to save a friend from moody pagan gods and random attacks from The Daevas and his ex-girlfriend's cult. Will the Horseman of War be able to achieve peace or will he die trying?


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