No Name Returns: Seven Days that Changed the World Steve Stranghoener Author
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Jeremiah Jerry Ayers, the anti-hero of Uncle Sam's White Hat, has undergone an amazing transformation. The one-time student activist and ardent protester who despised the United States and its past has become, of all things, a history professor. His views have changed so dramatically that he's become an outcast for his patriotic view of American history. To make matters worse, he's been branded as a religious fanatic for refusing to disavow his Christian worldview.Jerry's faith is up to the test even when the Chancellor and University President apply pressure with the help of organized campus radicals. Consequently, his life is threatened by extremists. When all hope seems lost, God once again dispatches Jerry's guardian angel, No Name, to intervene. Jerry is allowed to accompany him but, this time, others are the object of No Name's miraculous flights of fancy into the distant past. Join them on this magical ride through ancient history to witness, firsthand, seven days that changed our world forever.


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