The Rebound Effect Annie Stone Author
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The Rebound Effect Look, it's up to you. I don't know how it would work because we live together but I think we could help each other heal and just see where it goes.Are you suggesting that we keep this going as some kind of rebound fling? Just to make sure I'm actually following what you're suggesting.Maddi Marks has never been the kind of girl to sleep with one of her friends just for a bit of fun, let alone find herself agreeing to a 'rebound romance' to help her get over the fall out of falling for her hook-up-buddy.George Burts has just had his heartbroken, so surely a rebound with someone who's also on the rebound is the perfect way to mend a broken heart. If both parties know they're on the rebound then there's no risk of either of them getting hurt, right?


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