LOOTERS: Exploring Looting as a Form of Protesting, Black Lives Matters, George Floyd Charles Peter McNoo Author
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Have you ever wondered what looting really means? Have you wondered what looters do with their haul or how they are prosecuted? Did you ever think about what motives people to loot? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book has the answers you have been seeking. In addition to the questions above, this books discusses what constitutes a looting charge and how disparate legal rules can be these given state regulations. Additionally, it explores examples of famous lootings, such as the George Floyd protests and the London August 6-11 protests. This book also gives you an in depth look at how to prepare your home or business to better avoid being the target of looting. This will be especially useful if you live in an area that is prone to looting. Additionally, information about who pays for looting damage is provided here. This book also explores how you can use your right to peacefully protest and what to do if you wish to join in a protest but avoid looters. Likewise, it captures how police are now using social media to play an important role in tracking people who loot and those who are in close proximity to the looters.


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