The Savage and the Mistress of the Sea: An Unlikely Love Story Thomas James Amsden Author
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The Savage and the Mistress of the Sea: unlikely love story; is truly different from most devotional books that give you a little story or some inspirational thoughts and provide you with a bible verse to memorize. Each chapter begins with scripture, but unlike like most, this scripture draws you into the story as you become part of it.Each of the daily 40-day devotionals is one chapter in a much bigger story, possibly the greatest story ever told.Each chapter, each daily devotional, each bit of lyrics taken from music I promise will resonate with you at the core of your being and the memories will float up into your mind of the first time you ever heard it.As the reader, you will want to let all of these ingredients of this magical book, melt and cook together, and cause you to ponder and meditate on the deeper meanings of the daily scripture, the story you'll be part of, and the lyrics that have special significance for each chapter.At the end of each chapter you will be asked to answer four simple questions, questions that will make this book become more a part of you. What questions you might ask? Read the book and find out.It is my hope and prayer that every reader might realize that this book has so much depth buried in it, that you can't possibly comprehend it all on your first 40-days passing through, and you'll have to take another trip down the rabbit hole with me.I pray that this book may carry a special message from God to each reader personally, and just might encourage you see life with a slightly different perspective.


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