Tom the Atom, Book 10: Comics Dr. MUM Author
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Tom-the-Atom represents the Carbon Atom, the most crucial atom in the Universe. A series of illustrated science books for children and adolescents. The young reader will become familiar with the world of atoms, which make up all the material in the Universe; the Earth, the planets, the stars, and you and me. The young reader is invited to become part of the World of Atoms and to develop his/her understanding of how atoms form everything. Tom the Atom, Book 10: A day at the museum: Henry and his friends discover electricity! Henry and his classmates visit an exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science --in Berkeley, California-- on electricity. Children learn the concept of electricity, a current of metal's valence electrons. In metallic atoms, the valence electrons are so loose that they can move from one atom to another when a pressure called voltage difference is applied to the metal. Electricity is flux or flow that we call a current of free electrons.


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