Conversations with my Future Self: Book 1: Identifying Your Prize Inside that will Turn the World Upside-Down Loren Murfield PhD Author
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Conversations with My Future Self is written to challenge you to do what you never thought possible. The intent is to provoke you to purposely leave your emotionally secure thinking patterns and daily activities to welcome opportunities to do what others never thought possible. You can turn the world upside down by turning your world right side up. You can do more than what you have done. You can definitely do more than what others doubt you can do when you identify, value, own, share, and celebrate your prize inside.Other books have been written about going back and having a conversation with yourself at age 18. Unfortunately we cannot rewind time but we can look ahead. Imagine a conversation with your future self, someone who knows you best, has made your mistakes, and enjoyed your victories. Imagine that older, wiser person sharing what you need to know now and in the future. Imagine how much more you could do. Book One focuses on the first step, finding your prize inside, that which makes you uniquely valuable. Most people go through life doing what they think they need to do. They do their jobs but never fully appreciate what makes them uniquely valuable to their family, employer, or community. Many think their prize is their natural talent, but it is more than that, a combination of their talent, purpose, passion, and perspective. Imagine what you could do when you celebrate what makes you uniquely valuable. Imagine what we could do in our communities when we each fully appreciate each other's prize inside. It all starts when we identify our own prize inside. That's where the conversation begins in Book One. This is far more than a self-help book because it is critical for building engaged teams in the workplace. Many are disengaged because they are not engaged in meaningful work that plays to their passions. Imagine the increased performance, productivity, and profits that come from identifying and celebrating each team member's prize inside. Personally and professionally, it is time to start the conversation with your future self.


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